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It's been a while

Jeez, with Mom working on her computer all the time, I never get to update anymore!

It's been busy around here. Most days I get to sleep, groom, munch on hay, and sleep some more. But lately, I've been dumped in my carrier almost every week for a car ride to the vet because Nestle hasn't been feeling so good. And it's not like Nestle could make the trip himself. Not with how carsick he gets. I have to cuddle him the whole way or he freaks out.

First we went in for a nail trim. I HATE THOSE! I thump and grunt to let Mom know that my nails do NOT need trimming, but she never listens. She just pets me and hands me over to the vet. He always gives me a raisin afterward but I refuse to eat it. I won't take treats from someone like that. Hrmph!

While we were there, the vet said Nestle was too fat again. Big surprise. He's always eating or sleeping, even when the cage is open! Anyway, Nestle had a rash on his bottom from not enough grooming. He's too fat to lick himself and I sure am not going to groom him THERE. I only groom his face and ears. And he's pretty stingy returning the favor. He thinks he's the dominant rabbit, but I know better. The dominant rabbit is the one with the most energy, not the most weight. So there!

Because Nestle weighs so much, Mom changed both of our diets to vegetables only. Nestle doesn't seem to have lost any weight and his rash didn't go away, so we had to go back to the vet. Mom had to get him tested for a UTI, but fortunately he didn't have one. But she was mad about how much money it cost and she yelled at the Treat-Man who lives with us for giving Nestle too many treats. I agree. He should give all the treats to me. I'm cuter!

Then Nestle got really sad about not having pellets (they are super yummy!), being chased around the living room for exercise, and having to have a special bath every day for his rash. So he stopped eating and drinking and made himself a hiding place in the cage behind the litter box. Mom got worried about him and tried to pull him out to check if his tummy was swollen. Nestle bit her for the first time in 4 years, so we went back to the vet.

Nestle wasn't sick. He was just sad and didn't feel like eating or moving anymore. Mom felt sorry for him, so she gave him some banana when we got home, even though he is supposed to be on a diet. We still get lots of vegetables to eat, but now we get a tablespoon of pellets every morning and a little banana or apple or grape every night. Nestle never says no to pellets, fruit, or parsley.

I wish Mom would buy more cilantro and give us popsicles every night because those are my favorite foods. But I guess she thinks he's the dominant rabbit, too, and so my favorite foods are neglected for his. Life is so unfair when you're only a 3 pound rabbit!!

The ultimate betrayal

Mom finally came back and we had some great days together. She gives me lots of treats after she's been gone a while and I eat them all up to show her how much I like them!

Today, I thought I heard our carrier rattling. I ran over the baby gate, but I couldn't see around the corner to where the noise was coming from. Nestle ran into the cage and thumped a warning. I decided to hide too, just in case.

Mom brought me some papaya and gave some nice pats on my head, so I though the coast was clear. Right when I came out of my box, she scooped me up and put me in the carrier! No fair! Nothing good ever happens when I'm stuck in there! Seconds later, Nestle joined me and tried to bury his head under me to hide.

We went on a long car ride to a horrible, awful place that smelled like cats and dogs... and other rabbits. A lady picked up our carrier and took us away from Mom. I pleaded with my eyes for Mom to take me home again, but she just blew me kisses and said I would be fine.

It wasn't fine. Nestle and I had our nails clipped and neither one of us appreciated it! I know we both would have rather been home with more papaya. I mean, we're home now and it's much easier to dig at things and hop around, but I'm going to be more wary of papaya treats in future.

And I need to find a better hiding place.

Where's my mom?

Usually, I much prefer the Man With Popsicles (MWP) to Mom since he shares his treats with me. But she's been gone a long time and I can't seem to find her. My efforts to get under the bunny gate have been thwarted by MWP's strategic placement of a cutting board. Usually, when Mom is gone for a while, she turns out to be hiding someplace behind the bunny gate. I hope she gets back soon and brings me some cilantro.

Party at my place!

Today was a really exciting day! First, the raisin-lady came and let us out and gave us a bunch of treats. Then the exterminator came to say hi to us and make sure we don't get any fleas, ticks, or roaches in our house. Finally, the man with the chewable pants arrived to hang out with us.

I loved all the attention -- and all the treats! I miss my mom, but she's away visiting her mom. I hope when she comes back she remembers how much I like cilantro. I miss all the pets and fresh veggies.

Apr. 1st, 2009

Being a vegetarian myself, I found this news article a little insulting. After all, no one would describe Nestle and I as slim.

Harumph. I'm going into my box to munch on some hay.

Someday, I'll hop away

I had a great day today. I got some fresh cilantro (my fave!), raisins, and even dried papaya today. Nestle and I played tag in the living room while mom worked on her computer. Right when we settled into our maze for a nap, mom decided we were supposed to go back into our cage. I could smell some banana, so I was pretty excited. I ran right in and sat up to beg.

But Nestle was still in the maze. Mom was scolding him and snapping her fingers for him to come out. I sat up even taller so she could see how good I was being. Please give me some banana! I waited forever for Nestle to come out. Finally, he bounded into our cage. I noticed that Nestle got fed first but I got a bigger piece. That's because I was being good but he wasn't.

We had a nice long nap on the third level together. Nestle slept half inside the tunnel and half on top of me. It was great. Then some people came over and made lots of noise, but they all petted us and gave us treats. I love when mom has company!

After everyone left, we got to come out again. I ran right over to the baby gate blocking my access to the kitchen, where all of our treats are stored. Whenever mom wasn't looking, I tried to dig under it. She chases me away every day, but I can tell I'm making progress. Someday she'll forget to chase me away and I will be free to eat all the bananas I want!



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